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How does it work?

The PATSCO Windshield Repair Patch uses a specially formulated resin that fills in chips or minor cracks on your windshield. Once applied, it dries clear, restoring the windshield's integrity and improving visibility. It does not require drills or injectors, making it user-friendly. The patch restores 85%-95% of the damaged area's visibility and maintains windshield integrity.

Is it safe to use?

Absolutely! The PATSCO Patch is designed for easy and safe at-home use. Ensure you follow the step-by-step instructions provided for optimal results.

How long does it take?

The application process is quick, typically taking about 20 minutes. However for even better results, it's best to leave it overnight.

Can anyone use it?

Yes! The PATSCO Windshield Repair Patch is designed for easy DIY application. However, always read the instructions carefully before use.

Does it work on all types of windshields?


Can I drive immediately after applying the patch?


Is it a permanent solution?

Yes, but for significant damages or if the chip or crack spreads, we recommend seeking professional windshield replacement. In most cases, the repair will not run.

Can it fix large rockchips?

The PATSCO Patch is most effective for small to medium-sized rock chips. If the damage is larger or in the driver's direct line of sight, we recommend consulting a professional for replacement.

What's inside the PATSCO Patch kit?

Each kit contains adhesive guides, a resin tube, the patch (x2), and a razor blade for finishing touches.

Is the repair visible after application?

The PATSCO Patch dries clear, making the repair barely noticeable. However, depending on the size and location of the chip/crack, a minor blemish might remain.

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