Our Legacy

Founded in 1995 in Houston, TX, PATSCO Windshield Repair emerged from humble origins. Initially a venture to support an innovative shoe business, the entrepreneurial spirit of it's founder transformed a part-time job into a full-time dedication. From tents on roadsides to shopping centers, and now with the Patch, Patsco's journey has always revolved around ensuring driver safety and windshield integrity. Rooted in a commitment to both service and faith, Patsco has stood the test of time, evolving from sandy beaches and shoe patents to becoming a trusted name in windshield repair. As we continue to grow, our aim remains unchanged: to provide the best windshield repair solution for every customer we serve.

Meet the Founder

Fondly known as Pat, he's the dynamic force behind PATSCO. Beginning his journey in 1995, Pat transformed a small roadside venture in Houston into a beacon of windshield repair expertise. His entrepreneurial spirit was evident not just in windshield repair but also in pioneering unique footwear designs, showcasing his versatility and commitment to innovation. Over the years, Pat's unwavering dedication to service quality and his keen understanding of customer needs have propelled Patsco to new heights. Beyond business, Pat's deep faith has been a guiding light, shaping both his personal and professional life. Today, as the face of Patsco, Pat continues to inspire with his passion for excellence and his genuine care for the safety of every driver on the road.

Contact Us

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